How to Switch Up Your Fall Skincare Routine with Retinoids

It’s no secret that the sun’s intense rays can wreak havoc on the skin. UV rays can damage the skin barrier and impede its natural ability to repair itself.

Retinoids are skincare products designed to address acne and other skin issues, containing natural or synthetic ingredients derived from Vitamin A. Unfortunately, using retinoids alongside exposure to UV rays can lead to excessive dryness and skin damage, causing many to avoid them during the summer.

However, as we transition into the fall season, with shorter daylight hours and reduced sunlight, it provides more opportune time for retinoids to work their magic. Nonetheless, it remains crucial to protect your skin daily with SPF and choose a retinoid product with minimal side effects.

Dermaquest has introduced the most advanced retinol in 25 years: The Stem Cell 3D Active Retinol Repair Serum. Containing a combination of four key ingredients that set it apart from any other retinol on the market, DermaQuest understands the struggle of finding a retinol that will not damage and dry the skin out. Retinol, Retinyl Rinoate, Retinyl Linoleate, and Retinaldehyde join together to form DermaQuest’s advanced Retinol Repair Serum, and ensure effective treatment around the clock.

Their stabilized form of retinoid accelerates skin cell turnover without the drying ingredients that damage the skin barrier. Retinyl Retinoate, a “New Generation” retinoid, is a gentler formula that soothes the skin rather than attacks it while simultaneously smoothing over blemishes and spots. Retinyl Linoleate induces collagen production, and boosts hyaluronic acid production for juicy skin. Finally, Retinaldehyde, a gentler form of Retinoid, allows users to achieve skin perfection and a smooth, glowing complexion.

Differentiated in three potencies, The Active Retinol Repair Serum caters to both beginners and expert retinoid users. The 0.3% potency is ideal for when it is still sunny, offering a gentle introduction to retinoid use and limiting any potential sun-induced skin irritation. As we transition into cloudier months, the 0.6% potency provides a slightly stronger retinoid concentration, offering more visible results while still being mindful of any residual sun exposure. Finally, the 1% potency is perfect for the winter season, when sun exposure is minimal, and your skin is primed to take advantage of the full power of retinoids. Remember to always pair your retinol use with a robust SPF to protect your skin, regardless of the season.

Even during the winter when the sun is scarce, it remains crucial to keep your face hydrated as the cold air can be harsh on the skin. DermaQuest’s Active Retinol Repair formula incorporates papyrus plant and butterfly bush stem cells, ingeniously delivered deep into the skin using hydrosomes. These innovative hydrosomes ensure that moisture penetrates the skin barrier, providing much-needed hydration. And, when using any retinoid product, SPF is essential no matter the season.

Though it is still important to be cautious with any retinoid product, and use SPF and hydrating ingredients liberally, DermaQuest’s Stem Cell 3D Active Retinol Repair Serum is the perfect foray into the world of retinoids. Perfecting the skin does not have to be a challenge, and DermaQuest makes it easy to reimagine your skincare routine this fall and beyond.