Pop star Van Hechter, in 10 questions! Meet the artist and the man!

Strap on your dancing shoes and prepare for a dose of glittery, humorous, and sometimes introspective pop! Van Hechter, the artist described as “citrus fresh Champagne bubbles popping to a disco beat,” is more than just a catchy tagline. This Montreal-based singer and performer brings a unique blend of 80s nostalgia, modern dancefloor grooves, and introspective lyrics to the stage. With a career spanning albums like “Love Elastic” and “Van Unlikely,” and appearances in films like “Rita Baga: Something Spiritual,” Van Hechter has carved out a niche as a captivating entertainer who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and make you laugh (and move!). Today, we have the chance to delve deeper into Van Hechter’s world, explore the inspirations behind the music, and discover what makes this artist tick. So, put on your dancing shoes, grab your metaphorical disco ball, and get ready to be dazzled!

You are releasing a new album in the Spring. I read it was your most personal work yet. How so? 

Well, I’ve had a very tumultuous last few years in terms of ”romance”. Tremendous highs and crushing lows. It’s all been most instructive. Failure is really the best school. I think I’ve learned more about myself these last 5 years than I had over a lifetime! So of course, it reflects in my writing. I mean, not to worry it’s still ”disco” and humorous. Just, I’m expressing where I’m at now… Less in my ego, more in touch with my vulnerabilities. 

What is it about disco that you love so much? 

The defiance of it. Disco is not shallow. It expresses a desire to transcend pain into glitter. The sub-text to disco is ”OK we know life is hard, but tonight we put on sequins and celebrate it regardless”… I love that. 

How do you feel about vulgarity in music? 

If it’s intended to ”shake” a system or provoke reflection I’m good with it. If it’s just vulgar for the sake of vulgarity: I deeply dislike it. 

You love to sing your songs in clubs but also you are a hell of an MC, almost like you’ve come out of a time capsule from the 50’s. You’re brilliant at it. When did this ”sideline” start? And what do you enjoy so much about it? 

You aren’t playing fair! These are 2 questions in 1!!! LOL the game is 10 questions! But I will answer both. So, it’s as simple as this: one drag queen never showed up and I was dressed to the nines, boss said: ”You’re on”… I just did me: heckling the crowd elegantly, joking, presenting various acts, every time with funny remarks. It felt so natural: that’s what I loved about it. 

2 of your favorite places to be? 

Walking by the ocean or sitting on the sand staring at it for hours OR in the middle of a glitzy spacious dancefloor dancing to disco music… See: balance. I love nature, and I love absolute artifice… Your fan base is young. 

What do you think of today’s 20-year-olds? 

Well obviously, I think my fans have great taste in music, have great style and understand irony which is a sign of higher intelligence LOL!!!!!

What’s the greatest misconception people have about you? 

It happens less and less because this new generation actually ”gets” me, as we just mentioned. But for the longest time lots of people thought I was ONE thing. God I’m much more complex than that! I am that super faggy fag, but also that gentleman in a suit with good manners, that scrappy street fighter who doesn’t take crap from anyone, that bossy dominant guy from time to time and at others that very vulnerable kid with a dream who believes in magic and cries in front of sunsets… Those who don’t understand multi-layered individuals are just not a good match, because they’re always trying to reduce me to a box. I’m in many and neither at once. 

What’s the most bizarre thing that happened to you this week? 

A really pretty African-American girl asked me if she could kiss me then kneeled and said ”Marry me, OMG the kids we’d have”. Her girlfriends were in hysterics. I said I couldn’t possibly marry her but that she was absolutely gorgeous and the offspring would be spectacular… We laughed. Then she said: ”Oh you already married, heh? What’s your wife’s name”… Jerry, Paul, Ismael, Tony, Josh… Hahahahah! 

What’s the biggest mistake you ever made? 

For the longest time I was afraid of my dreams. Lots of years wasted being scared. 

What’s the best decision you’ve ever taken? 

To not let anyone make me stop believing in my dreams.

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