Vanderpump Rules Star, Chef Penny Davidi’s “Can’t-Live-Without Essentials” Revealed!

In the glamorous world of Vanderpump Rules, Chef Penny Davidi serves up culinary delights, but she also has her secrets for a chic and trendy lifestyle. Wondering what this celebrity chef won’t leave her house without? We’ve got the inside scoop on the four essentials that make Chef Penny unstoppable in and out of the kitchen.

Icelandic Glacial Water Bottle: Hydration with a Twist

For Chef Penny, staying hydrated is not just a necessity; it’s a stylish affair. Enter the Icelandic Glacial Water bottle – her hydration sidekick. Why? It’s not just water; it’s about that alkaline goodness. Penny swears by the importance of maintaining the right pH balance for overall well-being. Sipping on this exceptional natural spring water from Icelandic Glacial keeps her hydrated and ensured she stays refreshed and geared up to face the day!

Hand Sanitizer: The Chic Shield

In a city as lively as Los Angeles, cleanliness is key, and Chef Penny knows it. Her secret weapon? A chic hand sanitizer that’s always within arm’s reach. Whether she’s sampling fresh ingredients at a local market or engaging in handshakes with fellow food enthusiasts, this germ-fighting essential keeps her hands pristine, ensuring she’s ready to create culinary magic at a moment’s notice.

Sunscreen: LA’s Glowing Secret Weapon

Living under the sun-soaked skies of Los Angeles calls for some serious sun defense. Chef Penny’s arsenal includes a stylish bottle of sunscreen that she wouldn’t dream of leaving behind. This isn’t just for beach days; it’s an everyday accessory. Whether she’s off to a food event or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, Penny understands the importance of shielding her skin from the city’s radiant rays, all while maintaining her signature glow.

American Express Card: The Culinary Passport

In the world of Chef Penny Davidi, culinary adventures are a daily occurrence. That’s why her American Express card is an absolute must. From stumbling upon hidden gems in local markets to savoring fine dining experiences, Penny’s Amex is her passport to gastronomic delights. It’s not just a card; it’s the golden ticket that unlocks a world of flavors and experiences, turning every culinary exploration into a chic and unforgettable journey.

In the fast-paced and fabulous life of Chef Penny Davidi, these four essentials are more than just items – they’re power tools for living life to the fullest, with a touch of style and a dash of flavor. Cheers to chic living!